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Urfa Hz. İbrahim Cave

Urfa Hz. İbrahim Cave

Urfa Hz. İbrahim Cave

Şanlıurfa is a city that hosts many valuable places and artifacts from both a historical and religious point of view.  Due to the story of Hz. Ibrahim, there are many places of spiritual and historical importance in Urfa. One of them, Hz. Ibrahim Cave is one of the most visited points by local and foreign tourists. It attracts great attention not only by Muslims but also by Jews and Christians. It is believed that Hz. İbrahim was born in this cave and lived here until he was 7 years old.

The cave is located in the south of the courtyard of the Mevlid-i Halil Mosque. It was built during the Ottoman period in memory of Hz. Ibrahim. Since the capacity of the mosque was insufficient, another mosque with two minarets was built next to it in 1986. Inside the cave, there is also a water source that is considered healing because Hz. İbrahim drank it. This water, which is believed to be good for many diseases, is seen as the second most sacred water after zamzam water. Visitors not only drink this water, but also fill it in plastic bottles and take it to their loved ones. This cave, which also contains a strand of Hz. Muhammad’s beard, is of great importance in terms of faith tourism.

Where is Urfa Hz. İbrahim Cave? How to go?

Hz. İbrahim Cave is located in Eyyubiye district, 100 meters from Halil-ür Rahman and Aynzeliha lakes. The cave is located in the courtyard of the Mevlid-i Halil Mosque. To visit the cave where Hz. Ibrahim was born, it is necessary to come to Balıklıgöl first. You can reach here from anywhere in Urfa. You can reach Balıklıgöl by following the D400 road and İpekyolu Boulevard by private car. Those who want to use public transportation can go to Balıklıgöl by using the city buses numbered 24 and 63. Then, walking through Aynzeliha Park, you can go to Hz. Ibrahim Cave.

Urfa Hz. İbrahim Cave History

According to the rumor, the cruel King Nemrut had his augurs interpret the dream he had one night. The astrologers say that a boy born that year will dethrone the king. Thereupon, King Nemrut orders that all sons born that year be put to an end. When Azer’s pregnant wife, who was working under the command of King Nemrut in the palace, heard this, she went to a cave and went to the Prophet. He gave birth to Hz. İbrahim here. Prophet Ibrahim lived in this cave until he was 7 years old. Her mother sneaks into the cave every day and feeds her baby. According to another narration, Hz. İbrahim was nursed by a female gazelle. King Nemrut cannot prevent fate, When Hz. İbrahim truly grows up; he opposes idolatry and the king’s tyranny and ends his reign. This cave, where prophet İbrahim was born and secretly grew up, and historical places such as Balıklıgöl and Urfa Castle around the cave are of great spiritual importance.

How are the Visiting Hours and Entrance Fees?

Entrance to Urfa Hz. Ibrahim Cave is free. It can be visited every day and every hour of the week. Since the cave is located in the courtyard of the mosque, it is necessary to take off the shoes when entering, and women are given a head covering at the entrance. You can only visit the cave and the mosque or use it for worship.

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