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What is a hair laser? What is hair treatment with laser?

What is a hair laser? What is hair treatment with laser?

What is a hair laser? What is hair treatment with laser?

Hair is a very important aesthetic element for both women and men. Hair loss problem may occur due to many factors such as stress brought by daily life and business life, hormonal disorders, genetics, advanced age, vitamin deficiency. In cases where hair loss exceeds 100 strands per day, aesthetically undesirable images may occur. Weakening and thinning of hair can damage people’s self-confidence and social life. Hair treatment with laser aims to increase the quality of life of the person by strengthening the hair and preventing hair loss. This type of laser therapy is also called low-level or cold laser. The laser applied to the scalp causes the blood circulation in the area to accelerate. In this way, the hair follicles are better fed and the hair is strengthened. Since the laser also reduces oxidative stress, hair follicles develop faster and healthier. Hair laser is beneficial for both newly developed hair and existing hair. Thinned, weakened and broken hair becomes thicker, stronger and stronger with this treatment. In this way, both shedding is stopped and new hair formation is supported. It is a safe, effective and successful treatment method.

How is it applied? What are the stages?

First, a hair analysis is performed by examining the details such as the hair density of the person and the condition of the hair. In line with this analysis, the number and frequency of sessions are determined. The process begins by opening micro channels on the scalp with a dermapen. Afterwards, a serum that nourishes the hair is applied by massaging the scalp. These processes are done to increase the efficiency of the laser. Then, shots are made under the scalp with the laser device. The laser, which penetrates deeply into the scalp through the opened channels, increases cell regeneration and blood flow.

To get visible results, treatment should be continued once a week for 8-10 sessions. If the treatment is continued for 6 months, the desired results are obtained. Hair laser is a treatment method that can be applied alone, as well as in support of other hair treatments. When hair laser is applied, starting about 2 weeks before hair transplantation, much more successful results are obtained than the treatment. Newly planted hair, supported by hair laser, grows much more bushy and faster than normal.

For whom is it suitable? What are the benefits?

Every person over the age of 18, whether male or female, who has hair loss problems, is suitable for hair laser treatment. It is a treatment that anyone with unhealthy, thinning and shedding hair can benefit from. It is a method that can be used by those who have male pattern hair loss and do not want to have a hair transplant.

Hair laser provides healthy hair by stopping shedding and strengthening hair follicles. It restores the hair that has lost its vitality and triggers the formation of new hair. Hair laser, which has a very high satisfaction rate, has a success rate of almost 85%.

Application without shaving or cutting the hair provides a great advantage to the patient. Since no surgical procedure or injection is performed in this treatment, problems such as pain or pain are not encountered. It does not cause any side effects, burns, wounds or scars. As with other hair loss treatments, it provides convenience to the patient as there is no need for detailed post-treatment care stages and constant doctor checks.

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