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Mardin Latifiye Mosque

Mardin Latifiye Mosque

Mardin Latifiye Mosque

The Latifiye Mosque, which has a 651-year history, is one of the most beautiful mosques in Mardin. Although it is known as Latifiye Mosque among the people, its real name is Abdullatif Mosque. According to the inscription on the entrance door, it was built in 1371. Latifiye Mosque came first in the “The Most Beautiful Mosque” competition organized by the Presidency of Religious Affairs in 2011 and was chosen as the most beautiful mosque.

Reflecting the architectural features of the Artukid period, the Latifiye Mosque is one of the last Artuqid works left in Mardin. The interior of the mosque, which was designed in a rectangular shape, expands in width and has a large courtyard. It draws attention especially with its wooden Seljuk engravings on the entrance door. The minbar and mahfili of the mosque are among the most beautiful examples of Seljuk woodwork.

The mosque has two opposing entrance gates, while the eastern gate is more ornate and magnificent, while the western gate is simpler. Mardin’s yellow limestone and light blue marbles were used in the construction of the door, which was built with a mukarnas stone workshop. The eastern entrance door of the mosque is one of the best preserved in Mardin. It is a work worth seeing with its bi-colored stones, mosaics, stone carvings, geometric motifs and starry decorations.

Inside the mosque, there is a library, Quran course, seminar area, sink, kitchen and tea stove. You can take a break by sitting in the courtyard of the mosque and drinking tea and coffee. At the door of the mosque or in front of the fountain in its courtyard, you can take very aesthetic photos with reflections on the water. Latifiye Mosque has a prayer capacity of 400 people in its inner area and 700 people in its courtyard. In other words, you can visit the mosque as a tourist attraction or use it for worship.

Where is Mardin Latifiye Mosque? How to go?

Located in the Ulucami neighborhood of the Artuklu district of Mardin, the Latifiye Mosque is located 50 meters south of Cumhuriyet Square. Latifiye Mosque, which has a very easy location to reach, can be reached by public transportation, taxi or private vehicle. You can reach Latifiye Mosque by using the city buses departing from the city center.

Mardin Latifiye Mosque History

According to the inscription on the crown gate at the entrance, it was built in 1371 by Vizier Abdullatif bin Abdullah. Abdullatif bin Abdullah is a statesman who served during the reign of Artuqid rulers Melik Salih and Melik Muzaffer. Sultan Avis and Sultan Melik are buried here.

The first minaret of the mosque was built by the Egyptian Governor Muhammet Ziya Tayyar Pasha. Later, the mosque, which was exposed to the Timurid invasion, was damaged and its minaret was destroyed. The mosque was repaired during the Akkoyunlu and Mamluk periods. Restoration works were carried out in the Ottoman period and later in the 1990s. Restoration work started in 2004 as the last repair of the mosque and was completed in 2010. The minaret, which is in the mosque today, was later built in 1845 by the Governor of Mosul, Gürcü Mehmet Pasha.

How are the visiting hours and entrance fees?

Latifiye Mosque is open to visitors and worshipers every day and every hour of the week. No entrance fee is charged.

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