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  Vaser liposuction is one of the important breakthroughs in health in the developing and changing world. Although getting fat, losing weight and shaping are the dreams of many women who complain about their excess weight, doing this through surgical procedures causes taking a step back. Liposuction is a surgical method that has been applied and preferred since the past. Vaser liposuction, on the other hand, is the most developed version of this type of surgery and is the most commonly applied liposuction method today. There are certain reasons why it is more preferred. These:

  In the classical method, the remaining fat masses after the operation create a cellulite-like appearance. In Vaser, on the other hand, this image is not encountered since ultrasonic sound waves are used as energy source. With the energy sent, the fat masses go from solid to liquid, thus a smoother result is obtained.

  Vaser does not damage the surrounding nerve and connective tissue during the transfer of fat tissues. In this way, the patient experiences minimal swelling, bruising and pain after the operation. Thus, in our age where time is very important, patients easily return to their normal social life.

In patients who want to shape their body and take on an hourglass appearance, the fat tissues removed by the vaser liposuction method can be transferred to another part of the body.


  Vaser application is made from every area where there is excess adipose tissue. Back, inner and outer arms and legs, hip and butt area, abdomen, breasts are included in these areas.

  The application is made with sound waves focused on targeting only the adipose tissue under the skin. Before the operation, if the operation is to be performed in a small area, the operation is performed under mild anesthesia. However, the operation is performed under general anesthesia in different regions, when working with dense fat masses. Thanks to the mechanism that will make the application, the fat masses are easily liquefied and then aspirated and removed from the skin.

  It is recommended by the physician to use a tight corset for 3-4 weeks after the operation. This ensures that the skin recovers itself more smoothly after the lost fat tissue and is shaped more beautifully.

  Consuming plenty of water and consuming foods that relieve edema, such as pineapple, will reduce the swelling that will occur after the procedure in a shorter time.

  According to your doctor’s advice, taking a regular walk a few weeks after the procedure and increasing the exercises will ensure that the effect of the surgery is more permanent. At the same time, creating a healthier lifestyle after the surgery prevents the body from regenerating the lost fat.


  It is not true to say that Vaser liposuction or any other fat removal operation is suitable for anyone who is bothered by their excess weight. The right thing will always be to adopt a healthy lifestyle, keep exercise in your life and establish balance. However, it is possible to distribute this adipose tissue in a balanced way with vaser in people who are not satisfied with the fat distribution in their body.

  Resistance weights, which are not affected by sports and healthy nutrition, sometimes concentrate on certain points of the body. In these cases, the resistant adipose tissue is appropriately transferred from that area with vaser.

In the large breast problem seen in men, the problem is eliminated with vaser.


  Vaser liposuction is a sensitive method that aims to cause minimal damage to the tissues. Its success has been proven and approved by people who have applied it. The advantages of the operation are that it is painless, does not require hospitalization for a long time, the result is satisfactory, and it is possible to return to normal life in a short time.

  Vaser liposuction is a risk-free surgery with a high success rate when performed under the right hygiene conditions and by specialist physicians. In the examinations performed before the operation, the risks that may occur as a result of the medical history taken from the patient are determined and clearly and clearly explained to the patient.

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