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  Inactivity, stress, and anxiety about not being able to manage time well are some of the biggest problems of our age. Fast and unhealthy nutrition causes many negative returns, both physical and mental, in individuals. Lipedema is a disease in which factors such as inactivity, fast and excessive eating, stress, hormonal irregularities, and systemic disorders are present. Research on this ailment continues and its awareness in society is relatively low. Lipedema is a metabolic disease that occurs almost entirely in women due to excess fat storage in the legs. There are many reasons for this disorder, which starts in the early stages of life.

In individuals with lipoedema, hot weather conditions, standing for a long time, walking make the situation difficult. At the same time, it has become difficult for these individuals to lose weight, and the probability of developing obesity has increased. In this situation, which causes a vicious circle, every weight that is not lost puts a load on the knee joints and invites other ailments. In addition to these conditions, people have sleep and eating problems, detachment from their social life and psychological disorders are accompanied.


  In lipoedema, it has been observed that patients apply to clinics with certain complaints. However, since sufficient information is not yet available for a definitive diagnosis, a possible diagnosis is reached by eliminating different possibilities. The criteria for the diagnosis of lipoedema are as follows:

 Continuous pain and tenderness in different parts of both legs,

 Thickening and asymmetrical legs,

 Abdominal and waist circumference are normal, but abnormal   growths on legs, buttocks, knees,

 Palpable, painful swellings

 Being able to clearly distinguish between the abnormally stored fat area and the normal area (foot area),

 Experiencing redness/bruising at the slightest blow to the legs,

In some patients, the same problem is experienced in the arms,

 The picture that does not improve despite regular sports and healthy eating routine,

 Increased edema in hot weather,

  Lipedema is diagnosed as a result of additional examinations and tests performed in patients who meet these criteria.


  Lipedema disease includes medically supportive treatment options that require people to make certain changes in their lifestyle as a treatment. In advanced cases that do not improve with these methods, some surgical methods are used.

Walking by wearing resistance bands on the legs and doing strength training support fat burning by activating the whole metabolism. This is considered as the first step to break the resistance of resistant fat masses in patients suffering from lipedema.

  A nutrition plan suitable for their systemic condition is prepared in the presence of nutritionists. Thus, it is aimed to proceed with definite steps in solving the problem. In addition, people with lipedema should be provided with psychological support if needed.

  People who have lived with this disorder for many years may experience problems extending from the spine to the soles of the feet. Problems with appropriate physiotherapists and orthopedists need to be resolved.

  Surgically, liposuction is frequently used in this ailment. Thanks to a vacuuming device, the adipose tissue under the skin is destroyed. It has been observed that the most effective result is seen in cases where the lifestyle of the person is changed first and then the situation is improved surgically.

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