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In all the health services we specialize in, as specified in our activity permit;
• With our motto “Respect for Human”
• Without compromising the principles of medical ethics
• Respectful to patient rights
• At the highest level that medicine can reach
• Quality
• Productive
• Trustworthy
• To provide health services in our Region under favorable economic conditions.


Without compromising scientific, conscientious ethics and principles;
• Respecting human dignity
• Providing open, honest, reliable and highest quality health care services.
• Outstanding, qualified and experienced team
• Infrastructure required by modern medicine
• The value it gives to patient rights
• The largest in the region with its pioneering applications and the world reference in Turkey
To be a standard hospital.


Doing everything necessary for the patient to leave our hospital satisfied when leaving our hospital.
It is the most important and unchangeable element of our policy. To increase patient satisfaction
The first thing we can do is to satisfy our employees and to provide necessary training and development for them.
makes applications. Without satisfying the employees and constantly on the work they do
We know that our patients will not leave our hospital satisfied without training and
We give the weight of our work to these issues. It also includes the latest advanced devices and techniques in medicine.
is one of the sine qua non of our quality policy.


The right service, in the first application, to the right person, at the right time, in the right place, by following ethical rules.
believing in the importance of safe team spirit work with the awareness that human life is very important and
Providing service without harming the environment is one of our core values.

Chairman of the Board
Hamdi Yucel GURSOY


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