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Medicines alone are not enough to regain your health. Balıkesir Private Sevgi Hospital was put into service in March 2009 in Paşaalanı Neighborhood, which is located in the development area of Balıkesir. Our hospital building is equipped with a technological infrastructure and has a parking area of 8000 m2 closed and 3200 m2 open parking area on 13200 m2 and has a capacity of 104 beds.

Private Sevgi Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in our city, was established in 1996 by physicians working in Balıkesir. In 2006, with the partnership of 15 physicians, it strengthened its structure even more and became one of the most modern hospitals of today as a joint stock company. The hospital continues its service in a wide area of 3400 m2 open and 8000 m2 closed. With the investment to be made within the year, it plans to reach 120 bed capacity in 16000 m2 closed area.

Private Sevgi Health Services Inc. There is also a hospital and a medical center in Istanbul. The Chief Physician of our hospital, which has ISO 9001:2008 certificate, is Op.Dr. Ali Hikmet Karan, General Manager of the company Op.Dr. Refik Ozbal is doing it. In the hospital, where health services are given with great care and devotion, 2 operating rooms with Hepa Filter and 2 Laminar Flow operating rooms, 1 delivery room, General Surgery Intensive Care, Internal Intensive Care, Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care, Coronary Intensive Care, Newborn Intensive Care Units. exists. The hospital, which provides outpatient services in 20 branches, has Open MRI, Spiral Tomography, Mammography, Bone Densitometry, Color Doppler USG devices.

Since September 2009, the hospital has started Open Heart Surgery by adding the Heart Angio Unit to its structure and provides 24-hour service with its full-fledged laboratory and emergency service.

Private Sevgi Health Services Inc. continues its activities in agreement with Bağ-kur, SSK, Pension Fund (SGK). It also has agreements with many private insurance and foreign insurance companies.

The technology in the hospital is used in accordance with the modern age. The hospital has also made it a mission to use technology to the fullest in the field of medicine and has successfully implemented it. In this successful hospital, there are 30 physicians, 85 nurses, 10 laboratory assistants, 9 radiology technicians, 15 medical secretaries, 45 patient consultants, 20 administrative personnel, 44 hotel services employees, 5 technical personnel and 8 security personnel. Aiming to raise the health service criteria in Balıkesir and its districts to the next level with new investments, the hospital is known as a health center that produces quality health care and social solutions at international standards.

Private Sevgi Health Services Inc. has brought many innovations to our city.

Applications made with the only Open MR Unit in our city, Plasma Kinetic Superpulse Technology, Laser Technology. It is offered to patients in the comfort of a 5-star hotel in private rooms with Internet Connection, TV and Bathroom.

The criteria most valued by all units and employees of the hospital are perfectionism, honesty, entrepreneurship, farsightedness, dynamism, self-sacrifice, knowledge and respect for the environment.

Ozel Sevgi Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş continues to take firm steps forward with its stable and quality service understanding.



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