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Located in the city center of Antalya, 8 km from the airport, 9 floors, 14200 m2 indoor area, 48 intensive care beds, 71 patient rooms, 119 beds, 60 of which are single, with state-of-the-art technology, equipped with medical devices from the European Union. It is a standard hospital.

Multi-storey, 15.000 m2 closed area, 1680 m2 sitting area available
It has 45 polyclinic rooms
48 intensive care beds (11 newborns (Incubators), 5 CVS, 2 coronary, 9 surgical, 10 internal, 11 general intensive care units) equipped with advanced life support devices such as heart monitor with ventilator, defibrillator and oxygen meter
71 patient rooms (central air conditioner, cable LED TV, refrigerator, shower, WC etc.)
4 large suite patient rooms
Operating room with hygienic ventilation system
Delivery room
‘Fire Elevator’ used in case of fire
Hours Ambulance service
24 Hour Emergency Service

Our team members who are fluent in English, German and Russian are at the service of our patients and guests 24 hours a day. We have agreements with all foreign private and holiday insurances.



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