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To provide health services to everyone with equal rights without discrimination of race, gender, religion, language,

To provide services with an understanding of effectiveness and continuity in international quality standards, focused on patient, patient relatives and employee satisfaction in healthy working life conditions, by using up-to-date information and technology with all our employees and management staff, without compromising ethical principles.


In accordance with the establishment purpose of our hospital, excellence-oriented, aiming to increase the satisfaction of patients, patients’ relatives and employees, providing continuous and rapid improvement services, using innovations and the latest technology in a high motivation and team spirit, making a difference with pioneering and exemplary practices in the national and international field, safe, and to be a quality health institution.


Respecting patient privacy and patient rights,

Respecting patient privacy and patient rights,

Adhering to medical ethical rules,

To be knowledgeable, transparent and reliable,

To be researcher, self-sacrificing, responsible and taking care of the benefit of society,

Being open to innovations,

Adapting to change,

To cooperate with team spirit,

To have a spirit of solidarity and sharing.

Studies for Institutional Purposes and Goals

The clinics, laboratories, polyclinics and administrative units in our hospital determine their goals annually and the stage is determined by feedback after 6 months. At the end of the year, the results of the targets set are determined, and the quality management unit analyzes how much of the unit’s targets have been achieved or not, and how much continues, and the results are announced to the employees.

Studies on Measuring Patient and Employee Satisfaction

In our hospital, monthly satisfaction surveys are carried out in the emergency department, outpatients and inpatients. In addition, surveys for employees are repeated twice a year (March-September). Questionnaires include questions given by the Ministry of Health. Survey results are analyzed and interpreted by the Quality Management Unit. Improvement studies are planned for negative results. The results of the survey are announced and announced to the entire hospital by the Quality Management Unit.

Self Evaluation Studies

Self-evaluation is done every year in our hospital. These self-evaluation processes are planned in advance. The team that will make the self-assessment is determined in advance by the Quality Unit. A self-evaluation plan is prepared and announced to all departments. All SKS standards are included in the self-assessment. After the self-assessment, the results are announced to the management and all employees.

Studies on the Security Reporting System

The Safety Reporting System in our hospital has been designed to cover all kinds of events (near misses or undesired events) that may threaten the safety of patients and employees. Undesirable events reflected in the law are also analyzed within the scope of the system. The system is handled in two separate modules, “Patient Safety” and “Employee Safety”. Notifications made to the system are only seen by the Director of the Quality Management Unit and are carried out in the confidentiality process. These notifications are evaluated and root cause analysis is performed on an incident basis. The general analyzes of the notifications made to the system are repeated once a week, reported and evaluated. Notifications are discussed in the committee of whichever committee in our hospital is concerned, necessary precautions are taken and arrangements are planned if necessary.

Studies on Training

An annual training plan has been prepared for our staff working in our hospital to do their jobs consciously, professionally, diligently, lovingly, confidently and with a smiling face, within the framework of certain standards. Within this plan, the training plan was supported by on-the-job trainings and external institution trainings, apart from the trainings required by the hospital staff in accordance with the Quality Standards in Health.

Processes for Quality Indicators

In our hospital, the indicators in the Health Quality Standards (SKS) Department-Based Indicators and Clinical Indicators sections are followed. In this process, data on indicators are collected, and data are analyzed at intervals determined according to their characteristics; As a result of the analyzes made, necessary improvement activities are planned and implemented.

Management of Documents in the Framework of SKS

Codes are given to all documents used in our hospital. All employees access the documents via HBYS. The system includes procedures, forms, instructions, guides, consent documents, lists, outsourced forms, and auxiliary documents.
The documents hung on all the boards in our hospital are hung within the framework of a certain control and order. The control of the documents is provided by the Quality Management Unit.



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