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15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Izmir

15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Izmir

15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Izmir

Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar

Considered one of the oldest bazaars in the world, Kemeraltı Bazaar has been serving as an open-air shopping center in İzmir since the Ottoman period. The bazaar, which was built on the area obtained by the sea filling works between 1650 and 1670, was used as the trade center of İzmir for hundreds of years. Today, the bazaar, where there are hundreds of shops, is a rich market where many products such as dowry, wedding, clothing, souvenirs, spices and antiques can be found. Since it reminds the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, it attracts the attention of foreign tourists in particular.

Alsancak Way of Love

Adorned with palm trees on both sides, Alsancak Sevgi Yolu is one of the most vibrant spots in İzmir. The floor of the road is covered with plaques with the names of Yeşilçam artists and lighting. You can take a short walk along this lovely road and shop for jewelry, handmade products and books from the stalls set up by the roadside.

Clock tower

It was built by the Grand Vizier Mehmet Said Pasha in 1901 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the reign of Abdülhamit II. The clock of the tower came as a gift from Wilhelm II from Germany. It is a masterpiece worth seeing with its ornate stone carvings, columns, fountains around it and the relief of Abdülhamit II’s tughra. This elegant tower, which has become the symbol of Izmir, is located in Atatürk Square, which is known as Konak Square by the public.


Kordon Length, located in the district of Alsancak, is a very popular coastline among Izmir residents. Here you can visit the municipality and district governor’s mansions, consulates and historical buildings from the Ottoman Empire. In fact, the building that Atatürk used when he came to İzmir can be visited as a museum. You can take a walk, ride a bike or sit on the grass and watch the sea view on the beach, which is crowded especially in summer evenings.

Historical elevator

The elevator, which is a great example of engineering, was built in 1907 by businessman Nesim Levi. At that time, it was necessary to use a staircase consisting of 155 steps to provide transportation between Mithatpaşa Street and Şehit Nihatbey Street. The elevator, which was built to solve this problem, is 58 meters high and reflects the characteristics of Ottoman architecture. When it was first built, one of the 2 elevators was powered by steam and the other was powered by electricity, today both are powered by electricity. You can watch the panoramic view of Izmir from the observation terrace on the top floor and relax in the cafe or restaurant.

Agora Ruins

The word Agora means “market, bazaar”. In ancient times, agoras were areas where discussions were held on topics such as trade, religion and politics, offerings were presented, and monuments and sculptures were exhibited. This agora, which is estimated to have been built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC, is located in the Ancient City of Smyrna. This ancient city, which gave its name to Izmir, has been very carefully preserved as a historical area in the center of the city.

Cable car

Located in Izmir’s Balçova district, the cablecar reaches the summit after a short journey of 2 minutes and 24 seconds. After the journey accompanied by an exquisite view, you come across a forested area at the summit. You can spend time in the pine forest, which includes many areas such as a viewing terrace, a restaurant and a walking path.

Dario Moreno Street

The Italian-Jewish artist David Arugete Moreno, also known as Dario Moreno, lived in İzmir in the 1940s. The house he lives in is very close to the Historical Elevator, on a beautiful street decorated with historical houses, statues and cobblestones. There are cute cafes, art workshops and souvenir shops in this short street. Here you can visit art galleries and attend organized music events. The house where Dario Moreno lived is now used as a museum.


Alsancak district, which is the center of Izmir’s social life, is connected to Konak district. Alsancak is a district that must be visited by those who want to see the daily life in Izmir and also the nightlife. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi, one of the most active streets of Izmir, has shopping shops, restaurants, cafes and bars along the coast. At the same time, the famous boyozist Dostlar Bakery is also located on this street. You can visit the book and souvenir stands on the Alsancak Sevgi Yolu decorated with palm trees. You can take a walk along the promenade, dine at a restaurant and enjoy the unique sunset view of the promenade.


It was built by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. Kadifekale, which is built on a hill with the old name Pagos, carries the traces of many civilizations such as Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman until today. You can come to Kadifekale, which has a unique view due to its location, to watch the sunset and capture beautiful photo frames.


It is a touristic seaside town of Balçova district. You can have a picnic or walk in the pine forest adjacent to the sea, visit the tangerine orchards, and buy local products by walking around the market. The most enjoyable activity to do in Inciraltı may be to have a dinner at the fish restaurants on the beach.

Sasalı Wildlife Park (İzmir Wildlife Park)

The park, which was established on an area of 425 thousand square meters, is located in Çiğli district of İzmir. It offers its visitors the opportunity to see more than 138 living things and more than 250 plant species up close. The area designed in themes includes different sections such as monkey island, flower garden and parrot park. There are walking paths, bicycle tracks, artificial lakes in which swans swim in the park. There are picnic areas in the park, which is especially recommended for nature lovers and families with children.

Karagol Nature Park

Located half an hour away from Karşıyaka district, Karagöl is a natural habitat surrounded by forests. Karagöl fascinates its visitors with the endemic plant species, creatures and lake view it hosts. Here you can have a picnic accompanied by the lake view, take a walk and visit the forest. In this nature park, which is also suitable for camping, you can go fishing, take canoe trips on the lake, and do photography.


It is a park that was established in 1936 for the cultural, artistic and entertainment activities of the people of İzmir. Kulturpark hosts many venues such as sports fields, concert venues, amusement parks, exhibition halls, museums, and open-air theatres. Since the cultural park, which was used as a fairground for many years, was insufficient, fairs started to be held in the new area built in Gaziemir. However, the Izmir International Fair is still held in Kültürpark.


Şirince is one of the most popular and beautiful villages in Turkey, in the Selçuk district of İzmir. Şirince Village, which has a very friendly Aegean atmosphere, consists of white historical houses built on the slope of a green mountain. One of the must-do things in this village is tasting fruit wine made in Şirince. You can visit two Greek churches, stay in old Greek houses converted into hotels and experience the history and atmosphere of the village. In addition, the Mathematics Village and Theater Madrasa established in Şirince are among the cultural spots that should be visited.

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